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Meet Matt Legge! Our New House & Production Manager

We are very pleased to introduce Matt Legge, Arraymusic’s new full-time House & Production Manager at The Array Space. Matt is a recording engineer and producer from Nashville, TN. His engineering work includes major label and independent artists across a broad spectrum, though he is best known for his contributions to the country, rock, and Americana genres […]

Arraymusic Receives Booster Fund Support from the Metcalf Foundation

We are so very pleased to announce that Arraymusic was recently chosen by the Metcalf Foundation as one of 11 arts organizations in Toronto to receive $30,000 under its Booster Fund program. The Booster Fund supports training programs for racialized arts workers offered by arts organizations. The Metcalf Foundation launched this invitation-only initiative in late 2022 to […]

Arraymusic in Print

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Mozart! Be surprised, be very surprised – by contemporary music with Array! Thought you knew every type of music and had explored all the genres? Think again! There’s a whole wide world of adventurous music artists who delight in nothing more than going where no one has gone before. Their playgroud is literally the entire universe of sounds – made, observed, recorded, collected, found, forged and wrested from anything as conventional as musical instruments […]

Array Is Offering Free Tickets To First Time Concert-goers As Part Of Its Array@50 Celebrations

If you’ve never attended an Array Ensemble concert before, Arraymusic has a ticket for you and a friend to attend, not one but, two of its concerts this Spring. As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations Array wants to reach as many people as possible to let them know a whole world of adventurous music artists awaits them as part of Arraymusic’s annual season of concert […]

GoFundMe Campaign: Help Stephen Clarke Beat Cancer

We want to thank everyone who responded to our call for donations to support Stephen Clarke as he fights cancer. So far, the Oct. 10 GoFundMe campaign has raised $6,470! This is wonderful news! One of Canada’s most accomplished and distinguished pianists in experimental music, Stephen has been our Array Ensemble pianist for many years, so we are incredibly grateful to our community […]

We’re Hiring a House and Production Manager!

Work with Arraymusic’s community – a leading contemporary arts organization in downtown Toronto. JOB DESCRIPTION: This key position at Arraymusic presents a unique opportunity to work with one of Canada’s leading contemporary music organizations and a diverse range of performing artists in a fast-paced creative environment. Arraymusic is hiring a full-time House & Production Manager to oversee its Array Space, bookings & rentals, social media, Array-produced concert […]

Array’s 50th Celebration!

If you have always been attracted by the ‘experimental’ in the arts and are looking to explore deeper, then consider joining Arraymusic’s Board of Directors. Our mission is to ‘Ignite and sustain a passion for the contemporary Canadian musical arts within an international, interdisciplinary context’. Since 1972 Array has championed Canadian composers who have gone on to win international recognition, including Linda Catlin Smith, Martin Arnold, Marc Sabat, Cassandra Miller, and many […]

Welcome Aiyun Huang to the Board of Directors!

Arraymusic is pleased to welcome Aiyun Huang to our Board of Directors. Her demonstrated commitment to new work, collaborative approach and global connections will greatly enhance our ability to carry out Array’s mission ‘to ignite and sustain a passion for contemporary Canadian musical art within an international, interdisciplinary context’. Her dedication to musical exploration is on full display in her latest recording RESONANCES on Sideband Records. Aiyun is particularly […]

Introducing Array’s New House Manager

Arraymusic is thrilled to have been able to create two new staffing positions and hire 3 new staff during the pandemic! This is due in part to new COVID-related government staffing support (CEWS) that we were able to secure in order to assist us financially following various rolling lockdowns and dampened music activity in the sector and in our space. We are very pleased to announce our newest joining staff member — following the departure of Aleda DeRoche for New […]