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Your contribution to Arraymusic directly supports lots of artists by giving them a place to create and present their art, the means to create new art, and the tools, instruments, technologies and platforms they need to perfect and share their performances with the public.

How to Donate

Make your donation to Arraymusic by donating using secure technology. This is the easiest way to donate and a charitable receipt is automatically emailed to your inbox.

Donate Now Through!

Please give generously to Arraymusic to keep its art and organization vital. Your donation will be acknowledged in our concert programs and website (unless you wish to remain anonymous) and a charitable tax receipt will be provided. 

Other Ways to Donate to Arraymusic

  • Gifts in your will A charitable bequest in your will can help continue the work of Arraymusic.
  • Publicly Traded Securities Instead of donating cash, reduce your tax payable on capital gains by donating securities. Canada Helps makes it easy!
  • Life Insurance A gift of life insurance can be a significant future gift at an affordable present cost. Learn more in this document.

Donate to Support a Vital Array Program:

50+ Friends Who Care is a novel fundraising initiative by Arraymusic that asks our community to contribute so that, together, we can give micro-grants to music artists who have been hard hit by the pandemic. 

And we do mean TOGETHER! 

Anyone who donates $100 (or more) will be able to help us select which artists we will support with micro-grants. But we aren’t just giving money to artists in need. This grant will commission them to create a new piece of experimental music for a public presentation by Arraymusic! 

For every $1000 we raise to gift a creation-based micro-grant to an artist, Arraymusic will match it and give $1,000 to the artist (in-kind) in free time in The Array Space, a video-recording of their new piece by a professional videographer, and a concert presentation of their music in performance.

So please give this wonderful gift of $1000, a new commission, a video AND a public concert to an artist you will help to select today! Your minimum contribution of $100 will entitle you to join the 50+ Friends Who Care Jury and help select the artists we will support this season. 

We are asking for 5 VIP donors to step forward with pledges of $1,000 to help us kickstart our new 50+ Friends Who Care Micro-Granting Campaign. 

Then, all we need is 50 friends to step up with pledges of $100 each to enable us to give $2,000 ($1,000 cash plus $1,000 in-kind) to 10 artists to help get them through this pandemic — by doing what they do best, creating cutting edge music! 

Help us reach our goal to raise $10,000 so we can provide relief to music artists. If we reach this goal, then we will be able to ask a major sponsor to match these funds and, if successful, can support another 10 artists after that!

Please get involved this season. Become a friend who cares! Make your pledge and help us select 10 deserving artists to support in 2021|22! 

Donate $1000 or $100+

Donate Now Through!

Info to come.

Donate Now Through!

Your contribution to Arraymusic directly supports artists…

Lots of artists – by giving them a place to create and present their art, the means to create new art, and the platforms they need to perfect and share their performances with the public.

Many spaces used by artists to rehearse and present their art have closed during the pandemic, making The Array Space more important than ever to our community.
Your donation to support the Array Space will help us pay for our annual leasing cost increases as well as for new staffing expense increases associated with running the space and production/video services, and general operating costs.
Please make your donation today to support this very special place.

Why you should give to support The Array Space:

We’ve created a short video to help bring to life all that Arraymusic does — and, just as importantly, canvas a few people to ask them: ‘why does Arraymusic matter to you’.

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