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Volunteering with Array

Are you deeply interested in music? Consider yourself an adventurous musical spirit? Maybe you have more time on your hands of late and you simply want to help out in the arts? We welcome you to volunteer with Arraymusic! Arraymusic and The Array Space are constantly humming with activity so there is always lots to do. We appreciate those who volunteer their time and expertise to help Arraymusic complete its work. In turn, we like to work with our volunteers to help ensure that they find their time working with Array enjoyable and well spent. If you think you might like to get involved, or if you want to learn more, please contact our Executive Director or Artistic Director. Or please speak with an Array Board Director at an Array Ensemble or Rat-drifting concert to enquire.

Volunteer Activities

Arraymusic invites you to review this complete list of Volunteer Activities that require on-going volunteer assistance. If there is anything we have not mentioned that you think you could meaningfully provide, then please let us know. Guidance and help is provided to all Array’s volunteers. We promise to help you help us! Volunteering Quick Reference Guide.

Email: David Schotzko, General Director [email protected]


Our Volunteers

Royal Bank of Canada’s King & Shaw Branch Staff

In 2015/16, under its Day of Community Service grant program, the Royal Bank of Canada’s King & Shaw Branch Staff, including management, came to Array’s Space to beautify Array’s lobby, hanging posters and stencilling a wall. The following season, they returned to assist at a Meet-the-Community day, grilling hotdogs and passing out flyers to the community; plus they volunteered a second time assisting Array’s Composers’ Workshop Concert ticket sales and pre-concert production. In 2016/17, the volunteer team of the Liberty Village branch came twice to Array’s Space to get their hands (and RBC t-shirts) dirty overhauling Array’s outdoor space/gardening; plus they returned to paint various walls and doors in our downstairs lobby. After each volunteer visit, RBC gave Array $1,000 for their staff’s volunteer work. Array loves RBC!

In 2016, Volunteer Marlene Wilson sorted through and organized boxes full of Arraymusic archival marketing, communications, press and promotions materials dating from the 1970s and organized this chronologically into binders. The following year she organized all Array’s posters into art portfolios and continues to maintain Array’s archives.

Marlene Wilson

Georgia Carly

In 2016/17, Volunteer Georgia Carley put her extensive college podcasting experience to work for Array when she interviewed and began creating with Artistic Director Martin Arnold a fabulous new A – Z podcast series called Array to Zed (what else?). Check it out!

In 2016/17, young Volunteer Lulu Wei, handled Array’s Front-of-House duties at its ensemble concerts, greeting guests and selling tickets.

Lulu Wei

Linda Catlin Smith

Throughout, Volunteer Linda Catlin Smith has pitched in when needed, helping make artistic connections/suggestions, aiding grant-writing, greeting guests at concerts, helping at fundraisers.

Rick Sacks, prior to and following his tenure as Artistic Director and Technical Director, has been a generous volunteer, assisting with technical, production, website and many other requirements. In recognition of his efforts we have named our production office the RIck Sacks Production Office.

Rick Sacks

For many years, Volunteer John Mark Sherlock filled the much-needed role of helping out at Array post-concert receptions.

From 2012 to 2015, prior to the arrival of Array’s new Production Intern (Metcalf Foundation supported) who later became our Production Manager, Volunteers John Creeson and Adam Rosen video-recorded concerts, helped with post-production, and assisted with technology troubleshooting.

In 2007/08, Volunteer Michelle Sabourin pulled Array’s scores from their shelves and entered this information into a new Array database.

In 2006/07, Volunteer Talia Wooldridge scoured Array’s binders listing all concert activity and detailed Array’s concert activities from 1972 to current day using Microsoft Word. Since then, Array has given Talia 50% off her music organization’s rental of The Array Space for their annual fundraising event.

In 2005/06, David Jager sorted through boxes of archives and organized three decades of Array’s promotional and concert materials into two sets of three binders each by year, giving Array a comprehensive way to store and search these materials for the first time.