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Donors and Sponsors

Government Partners

Corporate and Foundation Partners

Individual Donors

Friend-of-Array ($1 to $99)

Dana Baitz Jill Kelman Daniel Ramjattan
Sandra Bell Elaine Lau Diane Roblin
Jordan Campbell Lawrence LeFebour Raphael Roter
Sara Constant Marilyn Lerner David Sait
Christopher Fox Heather Lotherington Ana Sasic
Andrew Furlong Bill McBirnie holger schoorl
Terry Gammon Solomiya Moroz Linda Smith
Bill Gilliam David Morris Eli Speigel
Jennifer Gillmor Matt Nish-Lapidus Emilyn Stam
Ben Grossman Kong Kie Njo Warren Thorngate
Maxine Heppner Chreryl Ockrant Alaina Viau
Frank Horvat Louis Pino Rachael Wadham
David Kaufman Trevor Pittman Victoria Yeh


Array’s Giving Ensemble ($100 to $499)

Sandor Ajzenstat Alan Gillmor Mark Miller
Ken Aldcroft Paolo Griffin Tomasz Mrozewsky
Adele Armin Glen Hall Joseph Petric
Ann Atkinson James Harley Jason Prolas
James Bailey Marla Hlady Mark Rieger
Anne Bourne Aiyun Huang Bruce Russell
Allison Cameron Pete Johnston John Russon
Marie-Josée Chartier Lawrence Kolasa Jini Stolk
Gabriel De Oliveira David Lidov Alexandra Tavasoli
Jean-François Denis Stephanie Ledger Neil Tenhaaf
Vivien Dzau Eugene Martynec Rob van der Bliek
Eve Egoyan Brian McLean Mark Wilson
Eleanor Engelman Christof Migone Gayle Young


The Contemporary Music Circle ($500 to $999)

Beverley Johnson Kathleen McMorrow Lee Smolin
John Kamevaar Robert & Marilou Mitchell Sandra Tang


Arraymusic VIP ($1000+)

Sergio Bozkovic Edred Flak Kathleen McMorrow
Edward Epstein John McIntyre Mark Wilson

The above list reflects donations received during our 2019|20 and 2020|21 seasons. Should a correction be required, please notify us at [email protected] or 416.532.3019



Sponsorships are beneficial to both parties and are the lifeblood of thriving arts organizations today. Arraymusic continues to seek new corporate partners and to cultivate strong relationships that can stand the test of time with existing Sponsors. We are grateful to our Sponsors for their recent sponsorships of Arraymusic.


Arraymusic thanks The SOCAN Foundation for its sponsorship of our 2018/19 Season.

Thanks to Our Generous 2018 Fundraising Party Sponsors For Helping Make Arraymusic’s Event Such A Success!

Thanks to Our Generous 2017 Fundraising Party Sponsors For Helping Make Arraymusic’s Event Such A Success!