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Performance Archive

Arraymusic from 1971 to Now

This document seeks to be an archive of all performance activity of Arraymusic from the earliest days to the current season.

Arraymusic Performance Archive

This archive is a work in progress. It was assembled from the Arraymusic concert programmes, reviews and ephemera which were saved over the years since 1971.

Whenever possible, in addition to Array’s concerts, this list also includes sessions, fundraisers, venues and all performing or directing personnel.

Clicking on a season in the Table of Contents will take you directly to that page. The How To Use This Archive on the first page contains additional information.

The original documents used many different styles. To make it much more searchable names have been standardized. A person will always appear with the same name, regardless of information in the literature. .

Also, references to World Premieres have been standardised to include some ‘first performances’ when known to be World Premieres. Unlabelled World Premieres have been added, especially in the Young Composers’ Concerts (now called Composers Workshop Concert). You can search for how many times a certain composition was performed, or for all World Premieres, Commissions or dates. Just use the ‘Find’ function on the document

Composition dates occasionally differed from information on scores or composers’ websites. The archivist has attempted to note these occurrences, clarifying information in the programme literature.

Extrapolating new information was not deemed appropriate for this archive except when dates for compositions could be definitively researched. Whenever possible, information is as it appeared in the original concert programmes.

But, a document like this only works as well as the information it contains. If anyone has additional clarifications or corrections for this archive, Arraymusic would appreciate hearing about it. This is a work in progress and any more info is welcome! We can all build this archive together.

Do you want to see the original material? This may be of interest to researchers. A paper archive exists at the Array Space office. There is also a separate archive of posters and photographic materials – both studio and ephemeral.

Please contact the General Director at [email protected] if you want any additional information.