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Behaviours I: Interfaces

  • ​​October 12, 2023 • 7:30 – 10:00 pm ET
  • Live Audience at the Arrayspace: $20.00 (or PWYW)
  • Livestream: $10.00 (or PWYW)



  • Zoma Maduekwe


  • Danny Shaddick
  • Jason Doell
  • Aida Khorsdandi

Curatorial Statement

“Behaviours features artist-musicians who boldly integrate digital technology and interactivity into musical production and performance. Each installment aims to uncover new practices in both creating sound work and relaying new discoveries via performance and presentation. In this series, I will question the traditional performance space and the conditions it creates for listening experiences, challenge those conditions, and create new experiences.

As an artist, I’m greatly inspired by the community and innovation built through the development of collaborative technology. Computer programming and interactive media software, for example, have provided many of us with a more in-depth perspective on the quality and science of sound. These tools have also given us infrastructure to co-create with other musicians and with audiences. In programming, “behaviours” are tasks that are performed based on a given input. They take in information and transmit a corresponding result. They are inherently interactive and function on a user-defined logic.

With or without digital technology, I’m fascinated by artists who are able to create personalized systems of logic in which their sound works exist, and create connections with others.

In my time at Array, I look forward to working with musicians in the fields of sound installation & sculpture, computer programming, sound toys & games, invention, and traditional performance that centers interactivity. In softening the barrier between artist and performer, Behaviours will present novel and impactful sound art performances.”

-Zoma Maduekwe