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Artists in Residence

The Array Resident Artists’ Incubator/ARAI (launched in 2015) leverages Array’s newly developed arts facility to support new generations of artists, artistic innovation, arts dissemination, and professional development by providing access to space and digital technologies in the musical arts.

To grow the community for our music and encourage cross-fertilization, Array selectively supports artists/ensembles/producers with a complementary vision, who receive free access to The Array Space and other resources for performances, rehearsals, workshops, and storage.

Array Currently Supports These Resident Ensembles:

CCMC – A ‘Free music orchestra” formed in 1974 that defines itself as a “composing ensemble… united by a desire to play music that is fluid, spontaneous, and self-regulating.” It currently consists of 4 members, including Michael Snow, John Oswald, John Kamevaar & Paul Dutton.

Frequency Freaks – conducts modular synthesizer workshops – Website

The Evergreen Club Gamelan –  Canada’s first new music gamelan, continues to renew itself by bringing new players in and producing new music – Website

The Glass Orchestra – an improvising ensemble that plays only glass instruments and a Canadian legend in experimental music – Website

Freesound Collective – a contemporary music collective in Toronto that supports new ideas in experimental and contemporary chamber music through innovative, daring, and compelling programming. – Website