Udo Kasemets @ 100

November 23, 2019
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave
8pm | $30 or PWYW

curated by Stephen Clarke

A towering figure in Toronto’s experimental music scene, Estonian-born Canadian composer Udo Kasemets work defied categorization. Arraymusic celebrates Kasemets’ centenary with a program focusing on his lesser-known chamber works, curated by Array pianist and long-time Kasemets collaborator Stephen Clarke. 


Kasemets: Sonaat in E, Viiulile ja Klaverile op.10 (1948)
Kasemets: Pythagoras Tree (1994)
John Cage: Nocturne for violin and piano (1947)
Kasemets: OP                                  (1997)


Livestream: https://livestream.com/accounts/15801205/UdoK100 

Tickets: https://www.universe.com/events/the-array-ensemble-udo-kasemets-100-tickets-WFHR2N