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Christopher dela Cruz

Livestream starts May 8th at 8:00 PM EDT:

(Note: If you miss the premiere you can still view the recorded concert at the livestream link.)

Curated by Martin Arnold.

Christopher Dela Cruz is a Filipino-Canadian artist whose works investigate the relationships of objects and technology, to interculturalism and individuality. His primary media of works revolve around sound, sculpture, installation, and digital media. His works have been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Nuit Blanche Toronto, Doris McCarthy Gallery, and in various public and private galleries. He was recently awarded the Ontario Regional Prize for “Notice of Disruption” in the BMO 1st Art! Competition in 2019. He currently lives and works in Toronto as a technician for the Department of Arts, Culture, Media in the University of Toronto at Scarborough, and the audio director of “Festival Italiano di Johnny Lombardi” at CHIN Radio/TV International.

My work targets sound as its primary focus, treating the visual aspect as secondary in my process. As I question the systems underlying the relationships between objects, people, and the environment, I am constantly encountering moments of discovery. I regard experimenting and the act of learning as the fundamental motivations for my works rather than to “make things happen”. My interests deal with an array of subjects, including sound, particularly listening and hearing — making the distinction between the two salient. Further, ideas of speaking, moving, interacting (connectivity), assessments of repetition, waves, vibrations, time, acoustics, measurement, the invisible, and translation are also subjects that are permeated throughout my work and in my thoughts. Each of these concepts brew their own respective questions and amplify my desire to create.

– Christopher Dela Cruz


Originally scheduled: March 15, 2020 @ The Array Space (155 Walnut Ave, Toronto)