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Workshops and Programs

  • “…Extremely valuable for developing new ideas” Helen Hall

  •  “I have learned much that just cannot be taught in classrooms.” Henry Lai

  •  “The piece suddenly opened up in a way I hadn’t heard before. Because rehearsal time is usually so limited, I had never had this experience. It was an extremely important lesson about the nature of my music, and will forever change the way I approach rehearsals.” — Colin Labadie

  •  “The time I spent in the workshops offered some of the best lessons I have received in my compositional training… If we want the quality of music being written in this country to improve, we need to provide young composers with such opportunities as that provided by the Arraymusic’s workshop, so they will feel more secure about themselves professionally.” — Ronald Bruce Smith 

  • “Especially valuable was the chance to experiment with different sounds and ideas.” Brent Lee

Each year Arraymusic offers four amazing composers who are at an early stage in their careers the opportunity to work with a distinguished composer/mentor, undistracted for a month in our Array Space, and with The Array Ensemble.

Under their mentor’s guidance, each composer collaborates with Array’s musicians and Artistic Director to create a new work for a concert performance by Array’s Ensemble.

Arraymusic’s unique month-long Composers’ Workshop & Concert program enjoys a more than three decades long track record of success. It opens new future opportunities for artistic employment and collaboration for participating young composers and helps them bridge the gap between their education and professional careers.

This program gives young artists’ vital new knowledge and insightful guidance that enables them to make real breakthroughs – which they report they otherwise may never have achieved.

In short, the tools and knowledge Array’s workshop imparts is unparalleled in helping participants to fulfill their promise as exceptionally talented emerging artists.

It not only assists emerging composers with their development, it gives audiences the chance to discover new voices and experience the music of our most promising young talents firsthand. The concert also offers a scouting ground to Artistic Directors looking for up-and-coming talent.

The majority of composers who have come through the program go on to enjoy fruitful careers in the field; for example:

  • Christina Volpini – 2017 Participant: Christina has composed for large ensemble, chamber ensembles, soloists, mixed media, live electronics, and film. Her works have been performed in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and New York.
  • Christian Ledroit – 2015 Participant: Christian has won numerous awards as a composer (including two prizes in the SOCAN Young Composers Competition) and has been commissioned by ensembles across Canada and the USA.
  • Pierre‐Oliver Roy – 2011  Participant: Pierre is the General and Artistic Director of E27 -‐ Musiques nouvelles, as well as a lecturer at the Faculty of Music at Laval University.
  • Jordan Nobles – 1998 Participant: Jordan has won many awards, including a JUNO Award (‘Classical Composition of the Year’), a Western Canadian Music Award, International Composition Competition of the Unbound Flute (Australia July 2016); the Sacra/ Profana (San Diego 2013), and Polyphonos (Seattle 2011) International Composition Competitions.
  • James Rolfe – 1987 Participant: Found recognition with a Guggenheim Fellowship, the K. M. Hunter Music Award, the Louis Applebaum Composers Award, the Jules Léger Prize for New Chamber Music, a Chalmers Arts Fellowship, and others.

BIPOC Composer Fellowship Available

Please note, that while the Composer’s Workshop is tuition free, Arraymusic offers limited financial assistance to composers self-identifying as Indigenous, Black or Persons of Colour to help offset the costs of participating in the sessions–including lodging expenses and a modest per diem. For details on how to apply, see the Composers’ Workshop & Concert/Program tab on our APPLY page.

More Information and How to Apply

For dates and details on how to apply to Array’s annual Composer’s Workshop & Concert program, see the Composers’ Workshop & Concert/Program tab on our APPLY page.

Red Sky‘s Indigenous Music Creators Project, presented in partnership with Arraymusic, is an innovative, music-driven initiative for Indigenous Music Creators and Composers who seek to create and/or score music for dance and theatre.  

This project provides a stimulus to Indigenous music creators and composers within a highly interactive, intimate learning environment.

Find The Application Details HERE

  •  “Participation in music builds social skills, communication skills, and can help in the development of self-esteem and self-identify.”  [3]
    – Dr. Ripudaman Minhas, a developmental pediatrician in Toronto, points to research showing how engaging in music performance helps children integrate into new surroundings.
  • “Music programs have emerged as a valuable tool to help integrate refugees, especially children, into their new Canadian surroundings. They have the potential to help youth overcome the emotional, linguistic, academic and social challenges of adjusting to a new home.”  [4]
    – Amitha Kalaichandran, Journalist


Hands-on guided learning for children living in under-served neighbourhoods that is PURE FUN! 

Guided by an experienced musician who understands the importance of imparting an early understanding about music to children, our young participants — who come from socio-economically disadvantaged areas — are directed to play an assortment of found and percussive instruments to bring a story to life. 

They learn how sounds are used to animate our stories and, in the process, gain confidence about making basic ‘musical’ sounds.

This workshop is presented free of charge and in partnership with The Regent Park School of Music. 

Interested community partners can enquire HERE.

* Please note: during Covid, until children are able to be fully vaccinated, workshops are being held online via Zoom.


MusicALL: Synthesizer Workshops led by The Frequency Freaks – Ages 12 to 22

 Young people are invited to come out to Array’s Space once a month to learn from the pros how to play awesome moog synthesizers. These guys know their way around a synth and are terrific instructors too! Cool sounds aplenty are guaranteed. 

Arraymusic is pleased to welcome our first MusicALL Synthesizer Workshop Community Partner, Covenant House! 

Interested community partners can enquire HERE.

* During Covid, young people who are masked and fully vaccinated will participate in one-on-one workshops. 

Arraymusic is grateful to MusicALL’s sponsors: The Douglas and Frederick Memorial Trust Foundation, the LOHN Foundation, The SOCAN Foundation, and the arts councils — Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.

The Evergreen/Array Community Gamelan & Percussion Meet-upAges 8 to 80 – 

Come play beautiful Indonesian gongs, bells, cymbals, and more in The Array Space, guided by an idyllic flute. Reserve your spot on Meet-up early as spots are limited.

Have a seat and immediately join in the music making. These are fun, hands-on Meet Ups that bring people together to play beautiful Indonesian instruments. Along with a huge collection of percussion instruments including gongs, bowls, vibes, marimba, drums, djembe, congas, bells, chimes, shells and more, we also can use the Gamelan Instruments used in the recording of the soundtrack for Life of Pi (music by Mychael Danna).

Every note sounds just right and fires the imagination. Whether you want to meditate and dream or create grooves that move, it’s fun and enthralling and anyone can do it. (there’s a park right outside to visit and hang out as well). In existence for 40 years, Arraymusic provides the space and co-produces the event with the Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan who graciously donates the instruments. These instruments were used in the soundtrack of Life of Pi (for which Mychael Danna won an Oscar!) and can now be played by the community on a regular basis. Bring your friends. Meet new ones.

Frequency Freaks Synthesizer Workshops are free events held and attended by friendly people dedicated to sharing information & techniques in synthesis and exposing these unique instruments to people and musicians.  You don’t need to own any modular equipment or know anything about it to attend!

A typical workshop consists of demonstrations in a wide range of styles, discussions, and lots of information sharing in a friendly, relaxed and informal setting.

Whether you are already an accomplished knob twiddler, thinking about becoming one, or just curious, Frequency Freaks workshops are open to all.

The Frequency Freaks Workshop in The Array Space has been temporarily paused due to COVID. Check back soon for details about when this workshop will reopen to the public.