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Exit Points

Exit Points 49
Friday, May 31
Advance tickets (20% off) at
Doors open: 7:30pm
Show begins: 8pm sharp
Venue: Array Music, 155 Walnut Ave, 2nd Floor. Main entrance at top of a silver accessibility ramp. Building is accessible (ramp, elevator, washroom)

Ensemble 1: Essie Watts, Constant Yen, Wesley Shen, Hiroki Tanaka, Vania Lee
Ensemble 2: Joel Ong, Katie Couchie, Diane Roblin, Erik Johnson-Scherger, Michael Palumbo

Exit Points is supported by generous funding from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ted Fund.


Exit Points is a monthly free-improvisation concert series, featuring two new ensembles of musicians across genres each playing a set. In the 3rd set, the performers and audience guests rearrange themselves into new groupings for several 5-minute pieces. The performances are recorded, mixed, produced, and released several months later on the Exit Points record label.

Please join the Exit Points mailing list and/or follow Michael Palumbo on instagram (@michaelpalumbo_ ) to hear about upcoming concerts, performers, and releases from our record label. 

Exit Points Season Dates:

November 24 2023
Laura Chan (Montreal) 
Aaron Claudius
Pouya Hamidi
Yun Young Lee 
Donald Quan
Emjay Wright
Christine Duncan
Margaret Maria
Michael Palumbo

January 26 2024
Keisha Bell-Kovacs
Behzad Danesh
Doris Du 
Afraaz Mulji
Eye_Duh Kho 
Marlena nova
Bill Gilliam
James Hamilton Lowrie
Michael Palumbo

February 23 2024
Saba Zameni 
R. Flex 
Robbie Ahmed
Maneli Jamal 
Paul Stillwell
Gabrielle Couillard (Montreal)
Kasey Pocius (Montreal)
Michael Palumbo

March 29 2024
Jury Kobayashi 
Youssef Bassit 
Racha Moukalled
Erik Flow 
Bobby Gadda 
Sergei Kofman 
Zoë Alexis-Abrams
Michael Palumbo

April 26 2024
shn shn
bridge of sand
Bijan Sepanji 
Anita Katakkar
Sohrab Malekzadeh
Kristine White
Mira Martin-Gray
Ronley Teper
Brian Abbott
Michael Palumbo

May 31 2024
Vania Lee
Essie Watts
Constant Yen
Wesley Shen
Hiroki Tanaka
Joel Ong
Katie Couchie
Diane Roblin
Erik Johnson-Scherger
Michael Palumbo

June 28 2024
Jackie Leung
Donovan Locke
Bruce Russell
Stephanie Chua
Devon Osamu Tipp 
Nirvana Sagar
Wendalyn Bartley
Dan Tapper
Michael Palumbo

July 26 2024
Talia Fuchs
Tara Kannangara
Nilan Perera
Chas Lawther
Aline Homzy
Owen kurtz
Zachary Dawson
Michael Palumbo

August 30 2024
MAYSUN (Montreal)
Sihwa Park 
Keisha Bell-Kovacs
Casey Mecija
Janel Jones 
Emmanuel Lacopo
Ryan Kinney
Ambrose Pottie
Lex Feathers
Michael Palumbo

September 27 2024
abby silvera
Ray Sun 
Cheryl Duvall
Patrick O’Reilly
Michael Palumbo
More to-be-confirmed

October 25 2024
Aiyun Huang
George Koller
Chris Pruden
Michael Palumbo
More to-be-confirmed

November 29 2024
Nimkii Osawamick
James Atin-Gooden
Zoë Ëoz
Michael Palumbo
More to-be-confirmed