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Starts May 12, 2021 at 8:00 PM EDT

Livestream Link:

(Note: If you miss the premiere you can still view the recorded concert at the livestream link.)

Xuan Ye (CN/CA) is the prototype of many objects. X makes media poetry synthesizing language, code, sound, body, light, time and reflection through diagrammatic processes and multimedial translations. X’s works speculate on systemic problems and distributed consciousness in various interconnected networks. More recently, X has been collaborating with artificial intelligence and non-human agents to co-author aesthetic experiences.

Jason Doell (he/him/his) is an artist based in Tkarón:to/Toronto whose primary medium is sound with a focus on site/context-specific works, live coding, and signal chain manipulation. Jason’s often delicate work traces the edges of sense-making, and explores the thresholds of contextual coherence, often straddling “composed” work, multimedia installation, and improvisation..