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Wednesday, April 14 @ 8pm

Livestream Link:

(Note: If you miss the premiere you can still view the recorded concert at the livestream link.)

Del Stephen is an exploratory artist whose creative action is persistent. While his work typically consists of spontaneous composition, improvised music, poetry, collage, and self-released home recordings, it’s not unusual to find him drifting about the city with a tape recorder in hand, keeping a personal record of life downtown and the sound lives of fellow local music makers. Del Stephen has also previously organized and curated the ‘Spirit Of The Inner Child’ series at Array Music, a collaborative celebration of free creative expression.

Heather Saumer is a trombonist, improviser, composer, singer, mover, thinker, walker, and noticer of subtle things.  She loves performing and collaborating within and between the realms of open improvisation, new/contemporary music, performance art / site-specific installations, jazz, folk, rock, pop, and in collaboration with dance and visual art forms. She teaches in her private studio, and leads workshops and clinics. She has recently certified as a Tuning Fork Therapist, is a Yoga Nidra instructor, is studying psychotherapy, and lives off grid in rural Ontario.