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May 13, 2022 @ 8PM ET

  • Live Performance @ Array Space: $10 or pay what you want at the door (cash only)
  • Doors at 7:30 pm ET
  • Livestream Online: Free

CURATED BY MICHAEL LYNN Audiopollination is a monthly free improvisation series in association with Arraymusic featuring a smorgasbord of spontaneous/improvised/instantly composed music. The series has been running since December 2012 focusing on allowing a safe-space for artists to experiment and further their practice through improvisations in duos or trios. You’ll enjoy curated and impromptu performances.

Audiopollination Self-curation Project April to May 2022

Audiopollination is an event that promotes improvised/spontaneous/instantly composed (choreographed) performance. If you want to play in a 20 min duet/trio, please find a date and time that is suitable and put your name below. This is open to musicians, sound artists, poets, dancers and visual artists.

Use this form to sign up.

  • You can only play once during the 3 month series (to give as many people the chance to perform as possible).   
  • Once you’ve signed up, send an email to [email protected]

Keep an open mind. If there is an empty slot next to someone you want to play with, go for it.

Likewise, anyone can play with you if there is an empty slot.. 

Audiopollination is devoted to being identity-affirming space for all people, please come as you are and/or as you desire to be!

The performances will take place at Array Space (155 Walnut Avenue Toronto). Door opens at 7:30.

  • Array has a grand piano (please do not prepare it) / drum kit  / small guitar amp/ bass amp/ microphones / PA.
  • The acoustics in the room are fantastic so you really don’t need amplification. For dancers, it has a wooden floating floor.
  • Please bring your own patch cords. Percussionists need to use a mat (array has them) to protect the floor(upright bassists and cellists likewise, you need something to protect the floor).
  • For visual artists – there is  a projector with a hdmi cable  
  • Array has an elevator – just email in advance so I can set it up (please visit this site before you put your name down to listen to past performances so you can get a feel of what Audiopollination is about).

Lastly, please  promote the event. There is always a facebook event page ( ) which you can use to invite people, plus listings on Soundlist and other places. Forward these links to your friends!