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Arkora: Cloud Chamber Live

  • November 29, 2023 • 8:00 pm
  • Arrayspace: Pay what you can – suggested entry: $20


Chamber fusion collective Arkora fills the ArraySpace with the music and visuals of Cloud Chamber, a concept video EP getting its live Toronto debut on Wednesday November 29th. What began as an experiment in telephone-chain creation between five Toronto and New York composer-performers and two analogue filmmakers, grew into a series of intricate works that push the envelope of sonic and visual expression: microtonal inflections, industrial soundscapes, labyrinthine progressions,  lyrics on longing, fear, perseverance, blend with experimental films about rumination, organic decay, uncertainty, and euphoria, creating a potent tonic for our aftertimes. The much anticipated show is the collective’s Array debut; the set is rounded out by works from the Arkora catalog of past commissions.

  • Benton Roark (voice, guitars, keyboards)
  • Tova Kardonne (voice, viola)
  • Brendon Randall-Myers (voice, electric guitars)
  • Sharon Lee (electric violin)
  • Dan Morphy (percussion)
  • Andrew McCarthy (drums, percussion)
  • Andrew Ivens (Rhodes, pedal steel)
  • James McEleney (voice, bass)
  • Tiber Reardon (guitars and synthesizers)

Experimental film by Karly McCloskey, Justine McCloskey, Jeanne Stern