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ARRAY’S 50th:

  • The Array Space | PWYC


FEB. 19 | 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM  
MAR. 18 (2/guest artist Lesley Greco D.Sc.O, D.O.M.P. the listening body
APR. 16
MAY 14 (8 PM – 9:30 PM @ The Array Space)
JUNE 25 (1 PM – 3 PM @ Gibraltar Point, Shoreline The Witness, Toronto Island)
JULY 16 (1 PM – 3 PM @ The Array Space)

RSVP to Anne directly to register and indicate the dates you can attend. 
Contact Anne for questions or creative ideas that arise ([email protected])

 * ACCESS: elevator at Array 

This is an experiential listening practice to enhance your own. We welcome neurodiversity requiring attendants, deaf participants, and other distinctions of ability, mixed cognitive abilities, and HSP, with advance communication and caregiver attendance, as needed.

We welcome gender, racial and cultural, and age diversity into a non-therapeutic collective creative experience and ask for a tone of respect and kindness.

** Protocols for health and safety: masks optional; social distance and fresh air context possible.


‘When you listen the particles decide to be heard’ 

           — Pauline Oliveros Quantum Listening, IGNOTA 2022

A new season of the Arraymusic workshop: Quantum Listening: the text scores of Pauline Oliveros, with Anne Bourne

A monthly experiential listening practice focussed on developing a collective practice, listening and sounding the text scores, and reading aloud together the writing, of renowned composer and listening specialist Pauline Oliveros 1932-2016. A reading group that sings to refine dimensions of listening.

Consider Oliveros’ thoughts on listening as multi-sensory perception, as care, as a map for social and environmental evolution, and as self-organizing sonic beauty. 

This will be an experiential gathering to focus on well being and inclusivity in relation to listening attention: to our environment and the more than human sound field, in a memory archive and creative imaginative world making sense.  

Holding safe space for collective creative research and gesture, with Oliveros’ listening meditations, new ways of attunement to the environment, ourselves, and each other may emerge. We welcome all levels of experience and artists/ thinkers from all disciplines.  

With the proposal of The Witness we will have guests share information on the body, the biosphere, the breath and the voice. We will continue to sound the Tuning Meditation, Heart of Tones with a focus on microtonal difference tones. Guest presenters include: artist Lesley Greco D.Sc.O, D.O.M.P. alumni of Sangre de Cristo Mountain retreats; wildlife biologist Emma Horrigan; and composer/ singer/ activist tUkU. 

References this season— readings from Oliveros’ The Witness; Quantum Listening, IGNOTA; and the new 50th Anniversary edition of The Sonic Meditations (1973-2023) by Pauline Oliveros Publications and MoM, with Forward Anne Bourne, Afterword Ed McKeon, and back cover David Bernstein; and a reflection on the score Can you imagine the sound of a glacier melting? (Oliveros, 1974).


Anne Bourne, a composer/ artist seasoned in international intermedia creation, performance and recording; improvises emergent streams of sonics, AV field recordings and text. Anne offers gatherings for collective creativity drawing from the sonic meditations, text scores and deep listening practice of Pauline Oliveros. Faculty at the Center for Deep Listening, NY; Chalmers Fellow; ongoing participant in TBA21 Academy/ OceanSpace, Venice. Her recent work, adjacent to sculptural installation Confluence, was a multichannel audio installation titled soundfield: nearshore, in resonance with the buried tributaries under the Gardiner Expressway.  Anne explores themes of equanimity, translation, microtonal sound, listening, walking the littoral as embodied sonic archiving, within a more than human sound field, and composing in attunement to the wave patterns of water.