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Your contribution to Arraymusic directly supports artists – lots of artists – by giving them a place to create and present their art, the means to create new art, and the platforms they need to perfect and share their performances with the public.

Why you should give to support The Array Space

We’ve created a short video to help bring to life all that Arraymusic does — and, just as importantly, canvas a few people to ask them: ‘why does Arraymusic matter to you’.

How to Donate

You can make your donation to Arraymusic by:

1. Donating using secure technology. This is the easiest way to donate and a charitable receipt is automatically emailed to your inbox.


2. Giving us a call to discuss your donation, or to arrange a meeting. We are happy to meet with our donors anytime!

Sandra Bell, General Manager

[email protected]


3. Mailing your cheque or money order – made payable to ‘Arraymusic’ – to 155 Walnut Ave., Toronto, ON Canada M6J 3W3