Government Partners

Corporate and Foundation Partners



Individual Donors

Friend-of-Array ($20 to $99)

Maria Aldcroft Lauretta Kwasnik
James Bailey Heather Lotherington
Yves Daoust Christopher Mayo
Dominique Denis David Olds
Gabriel De Oliveira Sandro Perri
Eve Egoyan Trevor Pittman
Loretta Faveri James Pugliese
Nadezhda Fedotova Jennifer Punter
Daniel Fortin Francis Rooney
Bill Gilliam Jonny Silver
Peter Gough Nick Storring
Maxine Heppner David Story
Aileen Kubota Ilana Waniuk


Array’s Giving Ensemble ($100 to $499)

Sandor Ajzenstat Christof Migone & Marla Hlady
John Beckwith Pierre Mongeon
Sergio Bojikovic Christopher Norman
Eric Cadesky Chantal Perrot
John Creson John Rea
Edward Epstein Mark Rieger
James Harley Bekah Simms
Ruth E. & Michael J. Hood Linda C. Smith
F.  Tim Knight Paul Stillwell
Sherry Lee & Greg Newsome Christian With-Seidelin
David Lidov Thomas Yarmon
Brian Stuart McLean Gayle M. Young
Christine McLean


The Contemporary Music Circle ($500 to $999)

Kathleen McMorrow Andy & Marilou Mitchell
Cynthia Wilkey


Arraymusic VIP ($1000+)

Mark Wilson


The above list reflects donations received from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. Should a correction be required, please notify us at [email protected]  or 416.532.3019