Rental FAQ

Need help with Renting the Array Space?

Email Kelley at [email protected] 

Call Kelley at 416 532 3019 x 1 

*All Bookings are done through our online system. We do not accept bookings via email or phone.

Rental Frequently Asked Questions 

New Rates/Policies As Of Dec 6, 2019

    • Cancel Fee Updated

      No fee: Cancel within 72 hours of creating the booking

      $25: Cancel 4 weeks or more before the booking date

      $25% of Rental: Cancel less than 4 weeks before the booking date

    • Renter Identification

      We require all previous and new renters to submit a paper copy of photo identification with a current address. This will be stored in our safe, and will only be used in case of emergency situations, and for billing. If you have rented with us before, please put a copy under the General Managers door, located down the hall, last door on the left at your next rental.

    • Cleaning/Reset Fee

      All rentals created moving forward (does not apply to bookings already made) are subject to a Cleaning Fee, equal to 5% of the Base Rental Rate ($25/hr or $35/hr). A Reset Fee, equal to $25, will be applied to your rental if the space is not returned to the approximate condition that you found it.

New Rates/Policies As Of Sep 1, 2019

    • Base Rental Rate for Thursdays is now $35/hr *Applies to Bookings CREATED after Sep 1,2019
    • Over Time: If you arm the alarm and exit more than 30 minutes after your booked/paid rental time, you will be billed for the additional time at the regular Base Rental Rate for that day ($25 to $35/hr.)  *Our Staff are on call until you exit the space. Please be respectful of their time. 
    • 2 Livestream Packages: Standalone & Add On, please Click Here for Full Details
    • Technician: New minimum is 1 hour at $40/hr. 
    • Editing: $50/hr, 3 hour minimum, Audio, Video, or both. Can be shot at Array or elsewhere! 

How To Book

*All Bookings are done through our online system. We do not accept bookings via email or phone.

 How to Make a Rental Request
You cannot register until you complete your first booking.

    • Go to 
    • Check the availability Calendar for available times. NOTE: click on a time to see its end time.
    • Then scroll down to choose your slot. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday rates are different from Thursday through Sunday rates. 
    • Choose your day rate and how long. You will then be taken to the availability slots to choose the exact start and end times. 
    • NOTE: if you click on, for example,  12:00 pm you will be given the option to choose 12:30 pm (half hours). 
    • Once start and end times are chosen (they must match the duration you chose when you chose the daily  rate), you can click BOOK ME and you will be able to register (free) or log in. 

How to check, cancel or change your booking

    • Go to 
    • Scroll below the availability Calendar to the little “person” icon.
    • Click that icon and you can log into your account. 
    • From there you can edit your bookings!


    • Found the perfect date in our availability calendar but need to check with the rest of your ensemble? Hold it for 72 hours free of charge.
    • How? Book a time and Log In or Register as a renter, and you can cancel it within 72 hours of making it without fee.  A cancel fee will be applied if you do not cancel your booking within this window. 

Space Availability / Rental Calendar

Cancellation Policy

  • No fee: If you cancel within 72 hours of making the booking 
  • $25: If you cancel more than 4 weeks before the date of the rental 
  • 25% of rental: If you cancel less than 4 weeks days before the rental date

Cost, Rates, Quotes

Click here for Rates

  • Cost of Rental = Base Rental Rate + Optional Equipment & Services
  • Base Rental Rate: ($25/hr Monday – Wednesday or $35/hr Thursday – Sunday)
  • Optional Equipment & Services: Piano ($5/hr), Drum Kit ($15 flat), PA Kit($20 flat), Projector Kit ($30 flat) and many more here
  • Minimum Rental: 90 minutes 
  • Block Discount Booking – If you book more than 10 hours, you get 10% off. The bookings can occur at any time, or date, but you need to book the rentals within 72 hours of each other. Use the Code BlockBook10 when booking! 
  • We do Not charge HST 

Want to build a custom quote?

  • Go through the process of booking, and before you hit confirm, you can see an itemized breakdown of your rental


Your invoice for each rental is issued when you create your booking. If you want to pay by cash, cheque, or E-transfer, click the “Pay Later” button while booking.

Arraymusic accepts:

  • Cash (put in envelope under door GM Door, last door on the left behind curtain)
  • Cheque (put in envelope under door GM Door, last door on the left behind curtain)
  • Credit (pay online when you book or after the fact by calling 416 532 3019 x 2)
  • Paypal 
  • Interac E-transfer ([email protected]) *Include Rental Date and Time in Notes! 

Any questions, please contact Sandra Bell at [email protected] or 416 532 3019 x 2 

Alcohol Policy

Arraymusic is a non-profit. The Array Space and its Renters must abide by provincial and National laws and policies regarding Alcohol Consumption. 

  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) is not allowed at The Array Space 
  • To have alcohol at your event, you must obtain the correct SOP, or Special Occasion Permit
  • Click Here for General Information about SOP’s from the AGCO 
  • Private SOP: For events where only invited guests will attend. These events cannot be advertised and there can be no intent to gain or profit from the sale of alcohol at the event. You can apply for a Private SOP on your own online at the AGCO. 
  • Public SOP: For events that are open to the public. Public events can be advertised and allow for fundraising/profit from the sale of alcohol. Only Non-profit organizations can apply for public SOP’s. If you want to have a public event at the Array Space with alcohol or want more information about Alcohol at the Array Space, please e-mail [email protected] 

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