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Music Series

The Array Ensemble

THE ARRAY ENSEMBLE has been bringing cutting edge contemporary chamber music to audiences since 1972 and in 2022|23 celebrates its 50th Anniversary! One of the founding members of Canada’s new music scene, Array’s Ensemble is foremost a virtuosic chamber group that exists to take risks and push the boundaries of musical expression. The group is widely recognized for its unusual instrumentation of clarinet, cello, double percussion, piano, violin, and double bass, as well as for an innovative truly eclectic repertoire and for its consistently virtuosic performances. Array’s ensemble is also prized for commissioning composers  young to old, new to established, from all cultures, and for working with them to create the ultimate performance experience…

Array Presents

ARRAY PRESENTS is Array’s presenting program — highlighting touring Canadian and international artists and presenting them live in The Array Space to appreciative Toronto audiences, plus streaming them online to listeners around the globe. Drawn from a vast network of renowned artists from across Canada and abroad, each season Array Presents is curated to represent a broad range of exceptional creative music from all the corners of the globe.  

Situated Sounds

Co-Curated By Artistic Associates Kristina Guison & Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh. A new series of curated evenings of sound art by Kristina Guison & Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Situated Sounds presents newly commissioned works from established and emerging artists alike, local and international, and from various disciplines. Exploring sound from an embodied perspective, Situated Sounds contemplates the various limitations, possibilities and opportunities that arise at a time when aspects of our experience are radically altered, such as during social distancing.


Curated by Artistic Associate Michael Lynn. A monthly improvisation series in residence with Arraymusic, Audiopollination features a smorgasbord of spontaneous, improvised, instantly composed music. 

“Local ‘improvised bonanza’ Audiopollination likes to mix and match musicians who have never played together, an idea that might have found its apotheosis in its “self-curation” project where musicians program themselves into new, recombinant performance units. The night opened… (and) was soon generating some back-and-forth that sounded as informed by contemporary classical music as any school of improvisation you’d think of. “ – Mechanical Forest Sound, 2014


CCMC has been a cornerstone of Toronto’s free improvisation scene since 1974. The collective founded The Music Gallery in 1976–where they performed twice a week until 1980–and has released eleven recordings. In residence at the Array Space since 2018, the current CCMC ensemble features seminal Toronto improvisors/composers John Oswald (alto saxophone), Michael Snow (piano/Octave Cat synthesizer), Paul Dutton (soundsinging/mouthharp), and John Kamevaar (percussion/electronics); alongside frequent special guests.

Interstitial Space

Curated by Dan Tapper. Interstitial Space is a series of micro-concerts and events challenging artists who operate across multiple fields of creativity to investigate new ideas, concepts, and experiments that excite them. Each artist in the series represents a unique cosmology of work that spans sound, performance, text, visuals, and digital art. By inviting these artists to create short works with few imposed boundaries we are drawn further into these cosmologies, experiencing works that are varied and different, but drawn together by the passion, play and excitement of the creation process.

Array for All

ARRAY/EVERGREEN CLUB GAMELAN – Have a seat and immediately join in the music making. These are fun, hands-on Meet Ups that bring people together to play beautiful Indonesian Gamelan instruments from West Java. Every note sounds just right and fires the imagination. Whether you want to meditate and dream or create grooves that move, it’s fun and enthralling and anyone can do it. In existence for 40 years, Arraymusic provides the space and co-produces the event with the Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan who graciously donates the instruments. These instruments were used in the soundtrack of Life of Pi (for which Mychael Danna won an Oscar!) and can now be played by the community on a regular basis. Bring your friends. Meet new ones.

Array Co-Presents

From time to time, Arraymusic presents in our Space, in association with other local and visiting artists, events they have produced. Check back regularly for events that pop up, plus join our mailing list to keep apprised of all upcoming event news!


“Harkens back to the Situationist International’s idea of ‘the derive’, which is French for ‘drift’. They had this whole idea of trying to get people to just drift through spaces… Instead of trying to follow goals, tastes, predilections and presuppositions of what you want to be doing, you just allow yourself to drift through a city and it. . . almost leads you. Definitely the music I celebrate has this quality where you’re asked to enter it as a listener and drift through it.— then Arraymusic Artistic Associate and former Array Artistic Director Martin Arnold.

The genre-bending music of Arraymusic’s eclectic Rat-drifting series curated by Martin Arnold brings together free improvisation, sound performance, noise, psychedelic process music, DIY para-punk composition and post Fluxus world events.

While Arraymusic presented its final Rat-drifting concert on May 8, 2021,  featuring Christopher Dela Cruz, we continue to celebrate this important series and to present our video recorded performances from the series on our video sharing platform. We invite you to check it out.