Arraymusic is pleased to announce its 2018/19 Season will see the return of the Rat-drifting Series to its programming. From 2000 to 2005 Martin Arnold ran Rat-drifting at Array’s old rehearsal space in pre-gentrified Liberty Village, bringing together free improvisation, sound performance, noise, psychedelic process music, DIY para-punk composition and post-Fluxus word events. This new Rat-drifting Series will present five concerts which further this approach, taking over from, and building upon, the strengths of the Array Sessions.

What is Rat-drifting? It takes its name from the colloquial term “rat-running”.

“Rat-running” is “the practice of driving through residential side streets to avoid congested main roads.” It’s a happy metaphor for a kind of music-making and has all that “off-the-beaten-track” stuff going for it. More significantly, it suggests taking an activity to a place where it isn’t intended, using something in a way it isn’t meant for, unintentionally disturbing someplace comfortable (the disturbance being merely a byproduct of an activity that has another set of preoccupations).

It also has the completely undesirable connotation of someone trying anything to get to a destination more quickly. This idea of being highly motivated to reach a goal has nothing in common with the music this series embraces. Thus, we’re drifting, not running.