Rental Agreement

By renting The Array Space, you agree to the following terms. Please direct all questions and concerns to [email protected] or call Kelley at 416 532 3019 x 1 

1. Click Here for the Anti-Harassment & Anti-Discrimination Policy

  • You are responsible for the conduct of all people that attend your event.
  • Feel unsafe? Contact the event organizer. Don’t know the event organizer? Contact 416 532 3019 x 1 
  • If you or someone at your event breaks or damages something, you are responsible for the cost of a similar replacement. 

2. Cancellation Policy

  • No fee: If you cancel within 72 hours of making the booking 
  • $25: If you cancel more than 4 weeks before the date of the rental 
  • 25% of rental: If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the rental 

3. SOCAN/Licensing Policy

  • You (The Renter) are responsible (solely or with others involved in the rental) for paying all/any applicable SOCAN or other industry-related tariffs, fees, dues, etc. that may arise/result from my activities while renting Arraymusic.

4. Over Time

  • If you arm the alarm and exit more than 30 minutes after your booked/paid rental time, you will be billed per hour for the additional time at $30/hr.  *Our Staff are on call until you exit the space. Please be respectful of their time. 

5. Alcohol Policy

Arraymusic is a non-profit. The Array Space and its Renters must abide by provincial and National laws and policies regarding Alcohol Consumption. 

  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) is not allowed at The Array Space 
  • To have alcohol at your event, you must obtain the correct SOP, or Special Occasion Permit
  • Click Here for General Information about SOP’s from the AGCO 
  • Private SOP: For events where only invited guests will attend. These events cannot be advertised and there can be no intent to gain or profit from the sale of alcohol at the event. You can apply for a Private SOP on your own online at the AGCO. 

6. Identification Policy

  • All previous and new renters to submit a paper copy of photo identification with a current address. This will be stored in our safe, and will only be used in case of emergency situations, and for billing. If you have rented with us before, please put a copy under the General Managers door, located down the hall, last door on the left at your next rental.

7. Reset Fee

  • A Reset Fee, equal to $100, will be applied to your rental if the space is not returned to the approximate condition that you found it 

8. Click Here to view the Coming to The Array Space COVID-19 Guidelines

9. Click Here to view Arraymusic’s COVID-19 Waiver 

  • The renter agrees to this when submitting a rental request. All other people entering the Array Space must read and sign this before entering the space. You can either email a signed copy to [email protected] or sign and put a copy into the collection box, located at the top of the stairwell at the space.