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Studio Rates Specifications & Equipment

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The Array Space seats 60 comfortably

Base Studio Rental Rates

$25 / hour      Monday – Wednesday, 8am – midnight 

$35 / hour      Thursday – Sunday, 8am – midnight 

*Need a Green room with backstage access for your team? $50 flat rate

*As of December 5, 2019, all bookings are subject to a 5% cleaning fee based on base rental rates only (not added equipment/services)

  • Block bookings of 10 hours or more receive a 10% discount when the bookings are made within a 30 day period. The bookings may occur at any time as long as the dates that you create them are within a month of each other, use BlockBook10 Code when booking!
  • Minimum rental is 90 minutes. Your rental time must include your set up and clean up time.
  • No loud music after 11pm to respect our neighbours. 

Studio General Specs

  • Approximately 35 ft x 26 ft.  (Stage area is approx. 12′ x 24′ with regular concert setup)
  • Sprung Laminate flooring
  • Green Room: $50 flat rate
  • Studio is located upstairs on second floor
  • Accessibility elevator

There are 3 kinds of lights installed in the Array Space.

  1. A set of 5 moveable white spot lights
  2. A set of 5 moveable coloured spot lights
  3. A set of 4 rows of lights that divide the room by back stage, centre stage, front of stage, and the house

– You can control all of these lights from our Scene Setter Lighting board.

– The lights are moveable and can be shuttered in different ways to create many different effects.

– The spot and coloured spot lights can be operated independently, and each row of lights can be changed independently from all other lights.  


The ArraySpace is equipped with 3 HD mounted Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras to capture your performance, along with HD audio recording capabilities, as well as livestreaming.

Equipment Included in Rental

Item Cost
15 Manhasset Music Stands Included in Rental
10 Microphone Stands

(Tripod, Tripod Boom, Round Base, and Low Profile Styles)

Included in Rental
XLR, 1/4 inch, 3.5mm (for music playback from PA),  Included in Rental
50 regular chairs, 10 bar style chairs Included in Rental
Bar Area (Any public event requires an S.O.P. to serve alcohol.) Included in Rental
Kitchen Area

Sink, Mini Fridge, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Kettle, Toaster Oven

Included in Rental
Air Conditioning Included in Rental
Lighting Board – Scene Setter 48 Included in Rental

Equipment with Additional Fees

Item Cost
Pianos – 6ft and 5 ft Yamaha Baby Grands $5/hr per piano
Drum Kit- Mapex Pro M full kit, two sizes of kick. two rack toms, two floor toms, cymbals, Hihat, kick pedal, snare $15 flat rate
Small Roland Cube XL 15 guitar amp $5 flat rate
Small Ampeg BA 108 bass amp $5 flat rate
PA – Presonus Studiolive 24 mixer, 2 Mackie SRM450 Mains, Three SM58 vocal mics, One SM57 instrument mic, Two Rhode M5 pencil mics, 3 Alto TS210 monitors $20 flat rate
Panasonic Short Throw Rear screen projector (mounted) with motorized Screen *uses HDMI input, some adapters available as well $30 flat rate
By request: percussion battery includes timpani, mallet instruments, drums, gongs, bells log drums, hand drums and more additional fees applied as negotiated.

Additional Services

Array Space is offered as a DIY space. Additional Services are available.

Item Cost
Piano Tuning $125 flat rate, per piano
Green Room $50 flat rate 
Technician General

(Lighting, Sound, Stage Set up)


$40 / hour, minimum 1 hour


Recording Services

Audio Recording Engineer

Up to 24 channels separate Audio

$40 / hour, 4 hour minimum ($160)
Video Recording

3 HD cameras, 4 hours work with technician, and up to 24 channel separate audio

$50 / hour, 4 hour minimum ($200)

Live stream your video from a custom URL


4 ceiling microphones, a 3-camera shoot, livestreaming to one destination of your choosing, 4 hrs. work with Array’s technician (Including 30 minutes for set-up and clean up); and deliverables include: 4 separate audio tracks plus 1 live edit video. ($100)


ADD ON to Video Recording:

Livestream to up to 2 destinations, ($50, added to Video Recording Only)

Video Editor $50 / hour, minimum 3 hours ($150)

At the end of a session, we will give you a set of HD audio or video files to take home on an external drive (not provided). You will need at least 10GB of space for Audio, and 200GB per hour of video. (For Example, a 1 hour video shoot would need 210GB of space, and a 2 hour video shoot would need 410GB of space.)

For some examples of previous works, visit our Vimeo.

Please also see our  RENTERS MANUAL May 28 2018 revision

To Rent Array Space

  1. Check Array’s Online Calendar to see if the times and dates your desire are available. 
  2. Scroll below the Calendar to book and confirm your slot in our system

Arraymusic Anti-Harassment & Anti-Discrimination Policy

* Arraymusic expects, as a condition of all rentals of The Array Space, that you have read our ARRAYMUSIC ANTI-DISCRIMINATION AND ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY AND COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE. By booking The Array Space, you confirm  that you have agreed to abide by terms of this Policy. Thank you. To view our policy, please click here: Arraymusic Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy


Problems or questions contact

Kelley Mitchell

[email protected]

416-532-3019 x 1

*Array does not accept bookings via email or over the phone, only through our online booking system. 

*For questions about booking, please call between: 10am – 6pm, Wednesday – Friday

*The space is available for rental 8am to midnight 7 days a week, including holidays 

*Please note that all rental / equipment / services prices and costs are subject to change. 

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