A&A Mini-Festival

April 27 & 28, Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave., 8pm; preconcert talk April 27, 7pm; $20 | PWYC

Andrea Young (Montréal) and André Cormier (Moncton) are both quietly extreme composers of highly exploratory, speculative music. Andrea is also a distinguished soprano and a master of digital signal processing. They’ve collaborated, on occasion, since 2008, and Arraymusic is excited to host another such occasion in 2018. This mini-festival will consist of two events:

On April 27, the Array Ensemble will perform a new piece by Young and a new piece by Cormier, both commissioned by Array. Both take time to enact their explorations: The Young will be a half-hour and the Cormier, 45 minutes. Andrea’s piece will include her voice, as well as live digital processing of the entire ensemble.

On April 28, we will host a concert of earlier collaborative and solo works by André and Andrea.

andrea young

andré cormier