Arraymusic from 1971 to Now

This document seeks to be an archive of all performance activity of Arraymusic from the earliest days to the current season.

Arraymusic Performances

Whenever possible, in addition to Array’s concerts, this list also includes sessions, fundraisers, venues and all performing or directing personnel.

Clicking on a season or the list of musical instrument abbreviations in the Table of Contents on the first page will take you directly to that page.

To make it a fully searchable document, all names appear consistently spelled the same way, dates appear in a consistent format, and all abbreviations of instruments played do not vary.

A search example – If you use ‘find’ in the document and type in ‘Richard Sacks’, you will find references to him on multiple pages listed on your sidebar in a clickable list. He will always be called Richard and not Rick. If you type in ‘Pulau Dewata’, you will find references on several  pages.

Please bear with any inconsistencies in this regard, as this is a work in constant progress, correction and change. Perhaps someday, it will be perfect.

Of interest to researchers – an archive of the paper material exists at the ArraySpace office. A separate archive of posters and one of photos, both studio and ephemeral, is also accessible. A digital list can be provided by the archivist. 

The document was compiled from fonds of performance programs, information on the historical Arraymusic Website, and other lists and ephemera.

Please contact the General Manager at if you want any additional information.